Who Wins the Best City in Australia, Sydney or Melbourne?

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Spanning the harbour of Sydney is the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The two biggest cities of the land Down Under or Australia have a very big rivalry and the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney, Australia continues after a century. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and Sydney the capital of New South Wales, but neither were bestowed the title capital city of Australia related to differences in trade policies. The cities are similar in many ways, but at the same time strive to maintain individuality.

Both are located on the coast. Sydney lies along the southeastern coast of Australia and Melbourne along the southern border toward the eastern part of the country. People believe the weather in Sydney is mild and the weather in Melbourne is supposedly changeable, but Sydney actually receives more precipitation annually.

Melbourne CBD lights reflecting on the Yarra River

The Yarra River winds its way through the Melbourne CBD

Melbourne is known as the city of culture, education and sport while the competition is renown as the economical and financial hub of the country. Ironically, Sydney expresses pride of its magnificent Opera House constructed on the harbour and the city is home to the Australian Ballet Company. Melbourne contains some of the largest corporations in Australia. Both cities have A-league football (soccer) teams of which they are proud, but who perpetuate the competition.

Both metropolises have beaches, but Sydney’s are thought to be nicer. Each have a vast network of public transportation systems, but Melbourne’s are somehow easier to navigate and the city has the largest tram system in the world. Both are leaders in the fashion industry, but shoppers find more reasonably priced clothing in Melbourne, while women in Sydney are reportedly more body conscious.

Melbourne and Sydney attract tens of thousands of tourists every year. However, Melbourne was included on the list of “best places to live”. Each city has a sizable zoo, but Melbourne’s zoo is the oldest in the country and third oldest in the world. Both have aquariums, but Sydney has the largest barrier reef exhibit.

Moreover, both cities have a culturally diverse population that includes Asian, Greek and Italian communities. Sydney has a total population of over 4 million residents while Melbourne has just fewer than 4 million. Some believe Sydney is a busy, impersonal, if not snobbish, metropolis, while Melbourne is a large city with a laid back, friendly little town atmosphere. Like other large cities around the world, the citizens of Melbourne and Sydney are proud of where they reside.

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