The Travel of Art through Australia

colourful rooftops in Hobart.

Hobart is full of colour, including the rooftops of the locals properties.

Australia’s art scene dates back roughly 30,000 years. Aboriginal rock art decorates Uluru and national parks throughout the continent. Distinct styles of Aboriginal art can be found throughout the country and include geometric patterns, circular carvings, and dot paintings.

Figures are more prominent throughout Queensland and Arnhem Land, including X-ray art where silhouetted figures are depicted with internal structures. X-ray art is an integral part of the Aboriginal people’s Dreamtime, or creation myths.

After Europeans began to settle in Australia, Australian art took on a more European flavour, but it was not to last long. Australia heavily influenced their creative flow, its ancient influences inspiring their more modern techniques. Australia is now home to more than 65 million pieces of art housed in museums as well as national and state libraries.

Australians appreciate their cultural endeavors, from artwork both ancient and modern to music and theatre. The performing arts, including Australian dance companies, repeat the singular blend of ancient and modern, with the Sydney Dance Company and Australian Ballet on one side and the Aboriginal and Islander Dance Theatre on the other, each world-renowned in its own right.

Of course there can be no debate about whether or not Australians appreciate good music: the Sydney Opera House, home to Opera Australia, is one of the world’s most recognized structures. More recent music styles also hail from Australia, home to groups such as INXS and Midnight Oil, as well as the beloved children’s group The Wiggles.

Australia is a beautiful land with a wealth of activities and tourist attractions to keep families and individuals alike busy and enthralled. However, no visit to this continent would be complete without a few side trips to enjoy some of its rich cultural diversity displayed through its thriving art scene.

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