The Most Known City and the Often Forgotten City in Australia

When potential visitors’ thoughts turn to Australia after reading advice and travel resources from such travel sites as or My Travel in Australia they will inevitably think of such iconic attractions as the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock and the Sydney Opera House. As you would expect, however, there is so much more to this vast, magnificent country.

For example, few people realise that Sydney, the largest city, is not the country’s capital city. This honour, in fact, goes to the inland city of Canberra, which is situated within the appropriately named Australian Capital Territory.

Chosen as the site for the nation’s capital in 1908, Canberra was selected over the much larger Sydney and Melbourne. This was believed to be somewhat of a compromise, as both cities were originally in the running for capital status.

Due to the city’s official status, Canberra does attract a great deal of both national and international business travellers. The city also attracts a great deal of cultural visitors, drawn by such attractions as the National Gallery of Australia, Australian Academy of Science and the National Portrait Gallery, all situated within this relatively compact city. To cater for this steady influx of visitors, there are a great choice of hotels in Canberra, available in a range of star ratings and for every budget.

As an example, rooms within hotels affording views of Lake Burley Griffin or Parliament House would be charged at a premium, in contrast to those situated towards the outskirts and suburbs of this pleasant, well planned city.

As the largest and probably most well known Australian city, Sydney attracts a large number of both national and international visitors every year.

These visitors are drawn in their thousands throughout the year by the city’s wealth of both natural and man-made attractions. These attractions include the iconic Sydney Opera House, the large natural harbour and the many glorious beaches to be found within striking distance of the bustling city centre.

There is, of course, an almost in exhaustive range of accommodation available within the city to house these visitors. To attract visitors on a tighter budget and to compete with their many competitors, there are a large number of Sydney hotel deals available.

These deals will offer visitors such incentives as discounted room rates for extended stays, including breakfast with the standard room rates or free upgrades to premium accommodation.

Of course, as is the case with anything in life, you do inevitably get what you pay for when it comes to hotel accommodation. For instance those hotels with rooms affording spectacular views of the harbour and the Sydney Opera House will come at a premium when compared to standard hotels towards the suburbs.

At the other end of the scale is, of course, the many guesthouses and youth hostels, attracting the younger water sports enthusiasts drawn by perhaps the best surfing beaches in the world


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