Cairns is Geared Up Amazingly For Tourists

aerial view of Great Barrier Reef

Extraordinary Australia includes a visit to the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

If you are considering travelling through Australia you have to also consider a visit  to the top end of  OZ and hotels in Cairns you may well wish to turn your attention to the array of hotel and accommdation options that are available in Cairns. This very well organised town is based in northern Queensland and is definitely the most popular choice for people to stay when they wish to explore this amazing natural wonder of the world.

The overall infrastructure of Cairns is geared up amazingly for the tourists. All standards of accommodation can be found here: from cheap and basic lower star hotels and hostels, right up the scale to the chic and unique five star properties.

Trips and excursions to The Great Barrier Reef can be found in Cairns or from travel sites and agents like Totally Australia and Zuji and nowhere else in Australia offers so much choice. Once you take your trip out to the Reef, oh my goodness, are you in for a truly spectacular treat?

Most of the tour operators that offer excursions are well aware of the fact that The Great Barrier Reef is under a huge threat of erosion. With this in mind, it works out as being a more responsible thing to do to trust in their judgements.

Many even offer you the chance to snorkel and dive around the reefs, without causing any impact on the natural eco-systems. If you are lucky enough to do this, prepare yourself for the most abundant array of fish species you could ever imagine; and if you are really lucky, you may catch a fleeting glimpse of the largest fish of them all – the Whale Shark.


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