The Necessity for Air Travel to Get Around Australia

view of Sydney harbour from your flight window

Aerial view of Sydney harbour on board your flight into Kingsford Smith airport.

Covering an area of nearly three million square miles, Australia is a vast country, almost the size of continental USA. With a population of over 22 million it is, however, very sparsely populated.

The majority of the population live in and around the main cities, the majority of which are clustered along the coast, especially to the south east corner. The great distances involved between the main areas of population means than the most popular method of transport by far in Australia to get from city to city is the plane as is detailed further over at Flights Through Australia.

Therefore, there are a huge choice of flights from Australia offered by a number of operators including Melbourne Flights Accommodation. The flights are also often much more competitively priced, due to the sheer number of operators offering flights that run between every major Australian city every day. They therefore prove to be a much more convenient and cost effective modes of transport in the huge country, especially when compared to rail or road travel.

As an example, to drive the two and a half thousand miles from Canberra, the capital city situated to the east of the country, to Perth, to the extreme west, would take around 43 hours at best. In contrast, a direct flight between these cities would take around five hours.

It is therefore little wonder that so many Australians commute by plane, allowing them to arrive at their destination relatively alert and stress free.

Due to the necessity for air travel to get around Australia, in the current economic climate it is important for locals and tourists alike to find the best possible prices for these flights.

This is especially the case for those who fly regularly, such as business travellers or those who wish to regularly visit friends or relatives living on the other side of the country.

To cater for this demand, there are a number of operators offering cheap airfares throughout Australia. These deals make flights connecting the main centres of population much more affordable, often being less expensive than the traditional methods of travel, by road or by rail. Check out the deals on sites such as Sydney Flights Accommodation or Totally Australia.

Travelling by plane is also far quicker and more comfortable, allowing passengers to arrive at their destination more relaxed and less exhausted.

For example, business travellers wishing to commute between Canberra, the national capital and Sydney, the largest city, can reach their destination within an hour by plane. The same journey would take the businessman over three hours if travelling in a car.

There is therefore no competition for these busy professionals, where a speedy commute is, of course, vitally important when time is money.

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