The Necessity for Air Travel to Get Around Australia

view of Sydney harbour from your flight window

Aerial view of Sydney harbour on board your flight into Kingsford Smith airport.

Covering an area of nearly three million square miles, Australia is a vast country, almost the size of continental USA. With a population of over 22 million it is, however, very sparsely populated.

The majority of the population live in and around the main cities, the majority of which are clustered along the coast, especially to the south east corner. The great distances involved between the main areas of population means than the most popular method of transport by far in Australia to get from city to city is the plane as is detailed further over at Flights Through Australia.

Therefore, there are a huge choice of flights from Australia offered by a number of operators including Melbourne Flights Accommodation. The flights are also often much more competitively priced, due to the sheer number of operators offering flights that run between every major Australian city every day. They therefore prove to be a much more convenient and cost effective modes of transport in the huge country, especially when compared to rail or road travel.

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Flights from Australia to all Cities of the World

Australia and view of planet earth from space

Are you flying out of Australia.

I’ll soon be flying out of Australia and heading back home to Europe. I had a year in paradise. That’s what it felt like, anyway, from the moment I first landed in warm and sunny Sydney. I checked into my apartment in The Rocks, Sydney’s historic district, located just minutes from the harbour. I spent my mornings enjoying coffee at a little café just around the corner from Circular Quay and my afternoons exploring the city. There’s so much to do in Sydney, from surfing off Bondi to the multitude of museums, that even after my time was up there, my appetite for the city was not sated.

My next stop was Cairns. The city itself is warm and tropical, but the reef beckoned to me. The Great Barrier Reef is magical, everything I’d heard it was and more. Snorkelling gave me an opportunity to get closer than I ever thought possible to anemones, rainbow-coloured parrotfish, spaghetti corals and more. The reef is the world’s largest and most magnificent living organism, and it can be enjoyed from a glass-bottomed boat, on guided tours or scenic helicopter rides, or by diving or sailing.

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Finding The Cheapest Flights Within Australia Online

Australia domestic flight ready for landing

There is more than 1500 domestic flights throughout Australia every day.

Are you ready for an exotic adventure in an exciting, faraway land? This land of kilometres of beaches and endless sunshine beckons travellers like no other. It is inhabited by fascinating animals, steep gorges and rushing waterfalls. From the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast to the silken deserts of the Red Centre, the Land Down Under is a must-do for any dedicated world traveller. Most international flights arrive at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport or the Melbourne Airport. Click here to locate affordable flights that arrive at all capital cities.

Are you seeking adventure? Direct flights to Cairns can bring you to within an hour of one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world: the Great Barrier Reef. This incredible coral reef is teeming with life, and visitors to the reef can explore it by scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, or riding on glass-bottomed boats. Adventurers can also locate cheap tickets to Alice Springs, where they can head off on the adventure of a lifetime to Uluru, the vividly coloured sandstone formation jutting out of the desert in the Northern Territory. This area is sacred to the Aboriginals, and while they prefer those who visit to not climb the rock, they can trek around it and learn about the history of the area, examine ancient rock art and listen to Dreamtime legends that are almost as old as the land itself.

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It Begins With Booking Your Flights In Australia

Sunset over Broome, Australia

Sunset over Broome, Australia in the top end.

Australia is one of the most beautiful and diverse continents in the world. Although the country is just a bit smaller than the continental U.S., the population is much smaller at just under 23 million, leading to a spacious, wide-open feeling. The destinations are unique, and the landscapes are spectacular. Whether you want to relax on one of the thousands of beaches, take a road trip up scenic coastal highways, go on a wine tour, or journey to the Red Centre, there’s an adventure waiting just around the corner. Your Australian holiday begins with booking your flights in Australia.

This may be your biggest expense, so it behooves you to approach this aspect of your holiday planning seriously and cautiously. Booking flights to Australia between two and four months before your planned departure date will usually net you the best prices, so begin your researching about five months ahead of time. You will need to determine your travel itinerary, either on your own or with the assistance of an experienced travel agent.

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