Are Global Hotel Chains Suffering?

furnsihed self catered apartment

With accommodation like this on offer when travelling, hotels are slowly losing their high occupancy levels.

The concept of a hotel has been around since the dawn of time. In early civilizations there were many establishments that offered varying degrees of hospitality to weary travellers and that tradition has continued and grown into a massive global industry with hotel chains offering the best in comfort and hospitality and all trying to outdo each other in attracting the customers.

However,  has this once mighty and unassailable business about to meet its end? Are places such as the Hilton, Four Seasons and Park Hyatt going under? Well, they’re not in too much trouble at the moment but they may actually be seeing a decline in their fortunes due to the number of ways that people can secure accommodation in other countries now.

Hotels today are in the position of having to compete with several other sites such as AirBnB, Couchsurfing and StayMyPlace. These are websites who offer something different for the discerning traveller. Travellers today aren’t generally as picky as they used to be, especially about accommodation, the phrase “Just need a place to get my head down” is so often heard when people are thinking about travelling to another country. These travellers need just the bare minimum in accommodation so they can spend their money on other things in their desired location.

Sites like Stay my Place offer travellers the chance to rent accommodation directly from the renter and at an extremely low rate too. These places range from the typical granny flat to a penthouse apartment overlooking somewhere like Sydney Harbour. This has many of the hotel chains in an uproar about the quality of such an arrangement but for the low budget traveller this is exactly the sort of thing they’ve been looking for. These sites just act as a listing for the person wishing to seek or rent accommodation and they can choose to accept payment in many forms.

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Where Do You Stay When in Sydney?

Hunting for accommodation in Sydney when you’re visiting can be a long process, especially when you’re not sure of what you are actually looking for. You might want to stay in a hotel, if your budget is a small one, or you could be looking at furnished apartments to rent if you want a certain location, which are cheaper than you might think.

If you’re someone who enjoys camping then there are plenty of places to do so in Sydney. Sydney prides itself on having fantastic suburban areas and camping facilities for those who enjoy the great outdoors. There are of course other things to consider when looking for accommodation and these things can have a deciding vote in which option you choose when you stay in Sydney.

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for accommodation in Sydney is the location. This is one of the reasons many visitors to Sydney are choosing the furnished apartment option similar to what offer, location is a prime factor in the real estate market and the furnished rental apartments are in some of the best spots of Sydney.

If you are looking to spend time at the beach then there are several properties of this type located on Sydney’s wonderful beaches, yes, this includes the famous Bondi beach. If you’re into a city vibe then there are some perfectly located studio apartments in the central business district, where the business of having a good time all takes place at night. There are also some properties out in the suburbs of Sydney that are perfect for those who wish to have a quiet and gentle time while in Sydney.

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What Accommodation are People Booking in Australia

Sydney CBD at night

A plethora of accommodation options exist throughout Australia, including Sydney.

Australia is a country that seems so far away but is close to the hearts and minds of many. It’s a place that has many fascinating aspects, from its sprawling desert in the middle of the continent to its lush tropical landscapes and golden beaches along the coasts. If you really think about it, Australia almost seems like a magical land that has been conjured up in the imagination of some writer, but it’s most definitely not. Australia is about as real as you can get and with travellers today being much more adventurous than they have been in the past, Australia is being visited more and more each year.

Australia has a long and varied history, Aboriginals and their descendants have lived in Australia for thousands of years, when the British colonized Australia in the late 18th century the population of aboriginals dwindled due to the Eurasian diseases that the convicts brought with them. Since the aboriginals weren’t ever exposed to this before, their immune systems couldn’t cope with it and thousands perished.

In 1901, Australia finally was declared an independent nation from Great Britain and ever since, immigration from Britain and other countries has been rife. If you’ve ever visited Australia before, you will know why immigration is exploding there. So much to offer to so many different types of people. Australia’s capital city is Canberra, which is located in the very north of the Australian Capital Territory. Aome may consider Canberra an odd choice for the capital of a country that has such exciting cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane but it was actually purposefully created as such due to an indecision over whether Melbourne or Sydney should be the nation’s capital. As a compromise, Canberra was built as such and has been the seat of government in Australia since 1913.

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Advice on Self Catering Accommodation in Australia

furnsihed self catered apartment

A good option for your accommodation needs is a self catered apartment when visiting Sydney.

Accommodation in Sydney being self catered is plentiful. Although searching for accommodations in a bustling city such as Sydney can be intimidating, self-catered apartments offer a breath of fresh, beach-scented air. Self-catered apartments are the ideal solution in Sydney for many families, individuals, groups, students or business travellers who are planning visits that last longer than a few days. These apartments offer a home-away-from-home experience and enable you and your party to continue following your typical routine whether you are on holiday or on business.

Staying in a self-catering or self-contained apartment allows you to meet new people, browse the local markets and really engage with the people and experiences surrounding you. You can immerse yourself in a new culture, explore your new surrounds or simply relax and enjoy your time in Sydney.

Prices can vary considerably for self-catering and self-contained apartments. Your final bill may be based on the location of the apartment or the suburb, the type of accommodations, the size of the apartment, the length of your stay and the number of people who are staying with you. Facilities can vary as well. Most self-contained and self-catered apartments contain virtually everything you need for a comfortable stay. You will have access to a fully furnished kitchen with all the cookware, dishes and cutlery you need. Gas, electricity and other utilities are generally included in the cost. Most self-contained apartments include towels and linens as well.

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Furnished Accommodation Sydney – Is This The Best Option?

furnished apartment in Sydney

Furnished accommodation in Sydney with a one bedroom apartment in Leichhardt.

The capital of New South Wales, Sydney is Australia’s largest and best-known city. Its iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge attract visitors from around the globe every day, and its glamorous nightlife, fine dining and shopping districts are always buzzing. Sydney’s coast is lined with beautiful beaches, and the bush is just an hour or so inland, with naturally beautiful regions, such as the Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains.

Hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts and boutique hotels are all options when it comes to accommodations in the beautiful harbour city of Sydney. However, none of these alternatives can provide you with the spacious comfort of a furnished apartment combined with the style and hospitality of the finest hotels. If you are spending more than a few weeks in the city, furnished accommodation as an option in Sydney can provide you with exceptional accommodations, a fully equipped kitchen with high-end appliances, and modern baths.

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How To Find The Accoommodation In Sydney

people enjoying Sydney harbour

Another breathtaking view of Sydney harbour

Whether you’re crossing the country of Australia or the globe for your holiday, you want to know it’s going to be a great one. A few things to make your experience the best possible when on your visit, is locating the Sydney specialists in furnished apartment accommodation, as this is what more and more people are booking when travelling to the harbour city of Australia.

Whether it’s a matter of low quality service or bad location, poor accommodations can easily overshadow your entire holiday. You can often avoid this all-too-common experience by simply following three basic steps.

The three steps are:

1. Arrange your accommodations in advance. Booking in advance gives you plenty of time to research your options, find the best price, and ensure you have the location and rooms you desire. Although you may occasionally be able to get great deals by waiting until the last minute to book, it’s rare. You’re more likely to overspend or discover the room or location you want is already reserved.

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