What Accommodation are People Booking in Australia

Sydney CBD at night

A plethora of accommodation options exist throughout Australia, including Sydney.

Australia is a country that seems so far away but is close to the hearts and minds of many. It’s a place that has many fascinating aspects, from its sprawling desert in the middle of the continent to its lush tropical landscapes and golden beaches along the coasts. If you really think about it, Australia almost seems like a magical land that has been conjured up in the imagination of some writer, but it’s most definitely not. Australia is about as real as you can get and with travellers today being much more adventurous than they have been in the past, Australia is being visited more and more each year.

Australia has a long and varied history, Aboriginals and their descendants have lived in Australia for thousands of years, when the British colonized Australia in the late 18th century the population of aboriginals dwindled due to the Eurasian diseases that the convicts brought with them. Since the aboriginals weren’t ever exposed to this before, their immune systems couldn’t cope with it and thousands perished.

In 1901, Australia finally was declared an independent nation from Great Britain and ever since, immigration from Britain and other countries has been rife. If you’ve ever visited Australia before, you will know why immigration is exploding there. So much to offer to so many different types of people. Australia’s capital city is Canberra, which is located in the very north of the Australian Capital Territory. Aome may consider Canberra an odd choice for the capital of a country that has such exciting cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane but it was actually purposefully created as such due to an indecision over whether Melbourne or Sydney should be the nation’s capital. As a compromise, Canberra was built as such and has been the seat of government in Australia since 1913.

When people visit Australia, some are amazed by the accommodation options that are on offer. More and more people are turning away from the traditional bed and breakfasts and hotels that have been readily available in the past and still are and are preferring to rent their own apartments. A fully furnished and serviced apartment in Australia the likes of what can be located at ApartmentsFirst.com.au or Furnished Properties Pty Ltd enables the renter to actually have an authentic Australian experience. The feeling of actually living in one of the great Australian cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane or the Gold Coast has been an infectious one for the common traveller. Now, it may seem like renting an apartment or a house may be through the roof cost-wise, but you may be surprised at some of the deals that are being offered by the numerous apartment renting companies online.

For instance, in Melbourne you can find a fully furnished apartment for as low as 400 Australian dollars per week. This may seem like a lot to a budget traveller but the benefits far outweigh the cost. The privacy issues that are inherent in a hotel or bed and breakfast are eliminated with an apartment. Also, you have much more than just a room to enjoy and you also have a place you can entertain visitors without the restrictions that are common in hotels.

Many people who have come to Australia on a driving holiday prefer to book into motels while they travel the vast expanse by car. Incidentally, unless you are really keen on doing it, travelling across Australia by car is not advisable due too much of the middle of the continent being unpopulated. It’s much better and quicker to fly domestic than travel by car. Plus, with so much to see and do on Australia’s coasts then you may not have time on your holiday for a trip to the desert. There are obviously those who enjoy being waited on and this is a service you get in abundance at a hotel. Whatever accommodation you book, you can be sure you made the right choice by booking it in Australia.

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